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The Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC.

~Guaranteed Trail & Driving Horses~

(520) 990-2041

[email protected] 

Horsemanship Lessons

Here is a small description on our Instructing program.

Horsemanship lessons are for a person of any age wanting to learn how to ride, or for someone wanting more skills with horses. We also have great activities here at the Ranch for team building/corporate events. 

We can work with you & your horse, your new horse you just purchased or if you don't yet have a horse you can use some of ours!

Just starting out with horses for the 1st time, or If you’re experienced, & need further schooling we can help you at any level of experience. Anything from trail riding to performance, we can help you improve on your skills with horses.

Everyone can benefit from lessons regardless of experience level. To work together as a team, horse & rider must gain each others trust & respect from the ground up, a process much easier when an instructor is there to help.

You can’t control a horse from his back, if you don’t have a willing partnership on the ground first.

In order to improve a horse we work on getting the rider better.

We work on improving your riding skills, to make you a safe competent rider so your horse is safe as well.

We will help to improve your knowledge on what is needed for riding & having a horse, including everyday care from feeding to maintenance of your horse, health, saddles, tack & more!

We offer multiple lesson discounts (if you pay for a month of lessons in advance), which includes 1-2 hour trail rides with our more advanced students who have completed beginner classes.


Group Lessons: $50.00 per lesson/person + Fuel

Private Lessons: $60.00 per lesson 

Discounted rates available for lessons paid in advance. Please email or call for details.

House call Rates for Training:

General Training/Riding: $65.00 per horse + Fuel

Extensive Training (problem horses): $75.00 per horse + Fuel

Fuel charge only applies to classes held outside of the Good Shepherd Ranch property (house calls). Horse must be provided on house calls. Each Session runs 1 to 2 hours. Instructing classes include our trail savvy courses. Prices vary on all other instructing/training/ classes or courses.

 These are basic rates, prices subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your interest.

Helping horses, you & others is our goal!

We now accept credit cards for your convenience

We now offer Basic Horsemanship

101 Clinics & Lessons

If you would like a good foundation with your horse or want to improve your skills as a new or green horseman our clinic will help you no matter what age!

Here is a look at most of the topics we cover: 

1. How to buy a horse & what to avoid

(What to look for in a good horse both mentally &physically)

2. Basics of feeding & nutrition

3. How to catch, lead & tie your horse

4. Grooming & tools needed

5. Hoof care & how to handle your horses feet

6. Buying the correct tack

7. How to correctly use & fit all your tack

8. What to do before you ride (safety 1st)

10. Lunge line basics

11. How to mount & dismount safely

(While making your horse stand)

12. General maintenance

(Caring for soreness, cuts, bites, deworming, & vaccinating)    

For more info call us at 520-990-2041

or email us at

If you purchased an animal from us & would like some help or just a tune up, we would love to help you!

You can haul your horse here to us & pay by the hour for our time.

We are yours for the whole day if you would like, we will not limit you as long as you schedule an appointment in advance.

If you would rather us come out to you, we can!

We are unique Ranch dedicated to providing Horses a purpose & a place.

Not only are we an Equine facility we are also a wedding & event venue!

We also provide Carriages & Wagons for any occasion.

**With us - when you Adopt one you help many more**

Support this local business & Rescue/Re-hab facility! 


Register to become a member & stay updated on what The Good Shepherd Ranch is up to!


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